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Like all great ideas, the concept of Beverage Lo-No was first written on a napkin.

One day, while grabbing a slice of pizza, two colleagues were catching up as friends when they began discussing a new idea. They wrote it out on a napkin—a distribution company that would introduce the best non-alcoholic brands from around the world to North America. Less than 90 days later, Beverage Lo-No Distribution was incorporated in the United States. 

But where did this idea come from? While we love to unwind with a glass of wine and grab a beer with friends, we also know the struggle with moderation all too well. Alcohol-free drinks showed us that we could drink, socialize, and have fun without compromise. The lower calorie count of these beverages was also attractive to those of us who love to hike and stay active. 

We know we aren’t the only ones who enjoy the experience of drinking alcohol, but struggle with overindulgence. However, in the past, there weren’t many high quality products on the market that felt like authentic alternatives. We aimed to change that by working with leading brands from around the world to import their premium non-alcoholic beer, wine, cocktails, liquor, and spirits. Now, we’re able to stock grocery shelves and on-premise menus across North America with a variety of alcohol-free cocktails for summer, non-alcoholic beers for Oktoberfest, dealcoholized wine for a simple night in, and much more.

We Value Building Long-Term Relationships

Although Beverage Lo-No is a relatively young company, we are the largest non-alcoholic premium beverage importer and distributor in North America. We’ve been able to achieve this by exclusively working with award-winning global brands, fostering strong relationships with our suppliers and retailers, and providing unmatched customer service. 

In fact, our very first employee was someone in charge of customer service. Our focus on building strong relationships with our customers helped us grow quickly early on. We made sure to answer every phone call, promptly return messages, and follow up with every customer—a practice we still follow to this day. We value building long-lasting relationships with our suppliers, retailers, and customers by remaining flexible, fast-moving, and attentive. Whether you’re a non-alcoholic winemaker, an alcohol-free brewery, or a grocery store owner, we look forward to creating a successful future together.

We partner with local, regional, and national direct store delivery (DSD) distributors to fill your menu with elite NA beverages. Contact us to receive a list of our distributor partners.

Feeling Adventurous?

We aim to provide a healthy, guilt-free alternative to alcohol. Beverage Lo-No Distribution Inc. partners with leading suppliers from around the world to import high-end non-alcoholic wine, beer, cocktails, and more. Explore what our collection of premium alcohol-free drinks has to offer, or fill out our form today to partner with us. 

Our products are a wholesome choice for those seeking healthier alternatives to traditional alcoholic drinks. Impress your health-conscious guests with non-alcoholic wine, beer, cocktail, and spirits offerings that have fewer calories than both soda and alcoholic beverages.

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Ready to enhance your on-premise beverage offerings and cater to the rising demand for healthier drinking options? Partner with Beverage Lo-No and present your guests with a diverse selection of premium non-alcoholic wine, beer, cocktails, and spirits that will set your establishment apart. 


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