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We are the largest non-alcoholic premium beverage importer and distributor in North America. We are thrilled to offer a new, healthy alternative for beer, wine, cocktails and spirits.

While we can currently find our products on Amazon, we also work with retailers, foodservice operators and online shops to stock their shelves with the best non-alcoholic products in the market.

We only stock NA products from award-winning brands who have been leading the market for  the past 5-10 years. These brands have perfected the dealcoholization process to develop authentic wine, beer, and spirits with no alcohol, and fewer calories than soda and alcoholic beverages.

As a one-stop shop, we make stocking and purchasing easier for retailers and customers. 

We work with all of our trade partners to develop a pricing and distribution strategy specifically for their type of industry and customer base. We can service all retail channels, including online, foodservice, retail, natural and specialty, independents , grocery distributors, 3-tier distributors and direct store delivery (DSD) distributors. Our exclusive relationship with suppliers and retailers allows us to provide an exciting solution to capture this growing trend in healthier drinking.

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Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or a casual enjoyer, discover the finest selection of sophisticated non-alcoholic wines from Australia and renowned regions across Europe. Perfect for every occasion—from intimate dinners to spirited celebrations—our exquisite collection offers a healthier alternative that still retains all the complexity and refinement of traditional wines. 

We only carry wine from leading global brands—true alcohol products that have been expertly dealcoholized to give you an elegant low-calorie and alcohol-free drink without added sugars. We offer a robust selection of reds, whites, and sparkling non-alcoholic wines.

Toast the moments that matter and forget about moderation with our premium French, Spanish, Italian and Australian imports.

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Explore the ultimate selection of premium non-alcoholic beers from top Australian and European breweries. We carefully curated the best lo-no beers from award-winning brands around the world. Whether you’re the designated driver or just looking to cut back on calories, our NA beers are an excellent alternative to alcoholic products.  

We offer a variety of iconic styles from leading brands around the world, meticulously crafted exclusively from quality ingredients. All of the products we stock have been carefully fermented and dealcoholized to create authentic non-alcoholic beers. With sophisticated lagers, ales, stouts, IPAs, and more, you can enjoy a crisp, alcohol-free beer on any occasion without the hangover or extra calories. 

Celebrate the moments that matter with family and friends, or simply unwind after work while enjoying our finely brewed imports. We’re proud to deliver hard-to-find, top-rated non-alcoholic beers from around the world straight to you.

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Discover the magic of expertly crafted cocktails without the alcohol or extra calories—we offer a premium collection of non-alcoholic mixes and ready-to-enjoy beverages from top UK brands. 

Our alcohol-free products offer healthier, lower-calorie alternatives to popular recipes like martinis, margaritas, sangrias, and more. Savor sophisticated versions of classic and contemporary cocktails, meticulously designed for any occasion. 

With quality ingredients and an expert dealcoholization process, our non-alcoholic cocktails are ready to shake up girls’ night, elevate a sophisticated soiree, or help you unwind with a relaxing evening at home. 

Live your best life and enjoy a flavorful and light mixed drink anytime. We’re committed to delivering authentic top-rated non-alcoholic cocktail products from Europe right to you.

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Spirits / Liquors

Indulge in sophisticated non-alcoholic spirits and liquors fit for any celebration. Sip luxurious non-alcoholic gin, rum, vodka, and more without the alcohol, and far less calories. 

Our products have been meticulously crafted and dealcoholized by award-winning European distillers using quality ingredients. Our guilt-free spirits are a bold and light way to elevate the night without worrying about moderation. 

Enjoy our premium liquor alternatives on girls’ night, date night, or anytime you crave an upscale experience without impairment. We source hard-to-find, top-rated non-alcoholic spirits from small-batch distillers across Europe. Live life with spirit and celebrate the special moments with our high quality alcohol-free offerings. 

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