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Mocktails logo company



Enjoy uniquely crafted non-alcoholic cocktails from Mocktails Brand. This English brand was the first to offer ready-to-drink alcohol-free cocktails. These premium non-alcoholic beverages are not only free of alcohol, but are also low in sugar and calories, and are vegan-friendly.

beer vandestreek

vandeStreek Bier


If you’re craving a crisp beer without the guilt or calories, try vandeStreek non-alcoholic beer. As one of the biggest independent craft breweries in the Netherlands, this non-alcoholic beverage brand is known across the globe for its premium products.

Force majeure no alcohol company

Force Majeure


Celebrate the moments that matter without compromise—Force Majeure offers specialty beer with 0% alcohol and is the first Belgian non-alcoholic beer brand. Whether you prefer hoppy, fruity, or blonde beer, you can find a premium non-alcoholic drink fit for every occasion.

Eceaux logo



COMING SOON — For those with a more sophisticated palate, Eceaux offers carefully crafted herbal liquor with zero alcohol. These Scottish non-alcoholic liquors were inspired by the renowned cafe culture of Europe. Choose from relaxing or stimulating botanical blends.

Nonsuch logo



COMING SOON — Shake up ordinary drink mixers or elevate a glass of sparkling water with non-alcoholic aperitif and cocktail syrups from Nonsuch in England. These syrups are all-natural and contain no added sugar. This premium brand offers a wide variety of flavors to suit different palates.

Logo v.no australia



This Australian brand offers high-end non-alcoholic wine varieties. Unwind with a glass of non-alcoholic red, white, or sparkling wine, or share a bottle with friends and family. V.no’s luxurious non-alcoholic drinks are gluten-free and vegan.

Teetotaler wines no alcohol

Teetotaler Wines 0.0

(Spanish Wine)

If you’re in the mood for a robust Spanish non-alcoholic wine, look no further than Teetotaler Wines 0.0. This award-winning brand offers non-alcoholic red, white, and sparkling wines that are the perfect alternative for any occasion. Treat yourself to a glass without the headache or extra calories.

logo Strykk



DISCONTINUED — This brand expertly removed the alcohol from your favorite spirits to make NA drinking more exciting. STRYKK uses natural ingredients to craft non-alcoholic spirits with familiar flavors. Enjoy non-alcoholic rum, vodka, gin, and cocktails from England that boast zero calories, no sugar, and no artificial flavors.

Enbio Drinks logo compagny

Blutul from Enbio Drinks


Enhance your non-alcoholic cocktails with Blutul's bold dealcoholized Italian vermouth. This premium brand offers sophisticated non-alcoholic Italian vermouths made with high-quality herbal extracts. Whether you prefer fruity or bitter, Blutul has the perfect non-alcoholic vermouth for you.

Logo Pulp cider

Pulp Cider

(United Kingdom)

Enjoy a crisp non-alcoholic cider from Pulp Cider, made with fresh farm-grown apples. This award-winning brand is one of the largest self-sustaining single estate cider producers that’s self-sustaining in the UK. Their non-alcoholic beverage offerings are gluten-free, vegan, and made from freshly pressed apples, not concentrate.

Sobah Non-alcoholic beer



COMING SOON — No matter your reason for socializing sober, you’re sure to find the perfect alcohol-free beer from Sobah. From IPAs to pilsners, they offer a diverse range of premium non-alcoholic craft beers. This First Nations-owned brand is the first non-alcoholic craft beer company in Australia.

Zéra logo compagnie no alcohol product

Zéra Wines


For wine connoisseurs, Zera has an excellent collection of non-alcoholic wines to choose from. This French brand offers alcohol-free and vegan-friendly Chardonnay, Cabernet Sauvignon, Rose, and several sparkling wines. Enjoy a guilt-free glass curled up with your favorite book, or impress your guests with a bottle of this luxurious alcohol-free wine.

Logo Roots Divino Non Alcoholic

Roots Divino


These handcrafted Greek non-alcoholic aperitifs are modern beverages with ancient roots. This premium brand offers dealcoholized Italian vermouth with 100% natural ingredients. Elevate a refreshing spritz, classic Manhattan, and other cocktails with a simple non-alcoholic aperitif from Roots Divino.

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