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ISH Spirits (Denmark)

GinISH & Tonic | 250 ml

Product sold in cases of 24 cans

If “refreshing” were a photo, it would be a picture of the gin & tonic. GinISH & Tonic was created to bring this infinitely refreshing classic to those looking to drink mindfully. Your first taste is full of the juniper berries, woody character and citrus you expect. The balance of sweet and bitter adds depth and complexity. And all of this comes in a drink that allows you to remain a mindful drinker. Enjoy over ice garnished with fresh rosemary or simply straight from the can.

Alcohol-free (<0,4%)
Made from natural ingredients
250 ml slim can
Low sugar (3.6 g sugar/100 ml)
Low calories (21 kcal/100 ml)


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Only Available in Canada

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