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Make Dry January More Fun with These 6 Non-Alcoholic Drinks

“Dry January” has been steadily gaining momentum as a New Year’s resolution, with more and more people making the commitment. It promotes a healthy start to the year by giving your body a break from the effects of alcohol. But whether you’re cutting alcohol for health reasons, as a personal challenge, or just as a break from the usual, there’s no need to skip happy hour. 

Luckily, embracing a dry January doesn’t mean sacrificing enjoyment or flavor. From alcohol-free cocktails to dealcoholized wines, there are plenty of NA alternatives that can make your Dry January more enjoyable. If you enjoy having a drink with your dinner or when you’re hanging out with friends, these non-alcoholic beverages from award-winning brands are made for you.  

Six Amazing Non-Alcoholic Drinks for Dry January

1: Zera Chardonnay

Enjoy a premium non-alcoholic French wine with the full-bodied taste of traditional Chardonnay. Zera brings elegance and sophistication to your alcohol-free winter evenings. It’s an especially good option for health-conscious drinkers—Zera Chardonnay contains three times fewer calories than wine, and it is also vegan-friendly. 

2: Teetotaler Wines 0.0 Red Wine

Crafted in Spain for wine enthusiasts, Teetotaler Wines 0.0 is for those looking for a rich and complex alternative. This dry, full-bodied red wine has a smooth finish with notes of oak, cherries, and plum. Teetotaler Wines 0.0 is vegan, gluten-free, halal certified, and contains exactly 0.0% alcohol. 

3: VandeStreek Playground IPA Bier

This alcohol-free IPA is brewed with 5 types of American hops. It delivers the hoppy bitterness and citrusy aromas of a traditional India Pale Ale without the alcohol content or extra calories. VandeStreek Bier is one of the biggest independent craft breweries in the Netherlands, and is known for its special proprietary yeast that prevents the formation of alcohol. This allows for a full-bodied non-alcoholic beer that hasn’t been dealcoholized. 

4: Force Majeure Tripel

If you’re a fan of Belgian beer, Force Majeure’s Tripel is the ultimate choice. This Belgian brand has recreated a traditional Tripel that contains 0% alcohol and is much lighter in calories. A full-bodied drink with a spicy finish, it’s the perfect drink for a crisp January day. 

5: Mocktails Nitro Mockscow Mule

A refreshing take on the classic Moscow Mule, this alcohol-free, nitrogen-infused version is a fiery blend of ginger, lemon, and apple. Made by the only nitro-charged non-alcoholic cocktail brand, these canned mocktails are the go-to for festive drink alternatives. The Mocktails brand of alcohol-free cocktails are also low in sugar, low in calories, and vegan-friendly. 

6: Mocktails Nitro Espresso Martini

Another exciting flavor from Mocktails is their nitrogen-infused Espresso Martini—a must for coffee enthusiasts. The notes of sweet vanilla and mocha perfectly complement the dark, bitter coffee. Indulge in the rich and robust flavors of a sophisticated martini without the alcohol or the guilt.  

Stock Up for the New Year with Beverage Lo-No

Planning to participate in Dry January? Stock your fridge with our non-alcoholic selections on Amazon. From dealcoholized wine and beer to alcohol-free cocktails and spirits, we offer a wide variety of low-calorie drink alternatives that are sure to impress your guests and your picky palate. 

And if you’re looking to stock your grocery store shelves, restaurant menu, or bar selection in preparation for Dry January, we only offer the best non-alcoholic beverages. Contact Beverage Lo-No Distribution, Inc. today to learn more. 


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